How does Cashback Work?

The 5 rules to not lose Cashback:

  • You already know that earning Cashback is very easy. Just click on BestPrice when we pop up and complete the purchase online, but read these points at least once to avoid the most common mistakes of other users.
  • 1. You must click on BestPrice before buying and not after.

    The first mistake to avoid is forgetting to click on BestPrice before buying. Some users buy on AliExpress and only come to BestPrice afterwards to upload proof of purchase. In this case we will never be able to pay the Cashback because AliExpress, not being able to acknowledge the merit of the purchase, will not pay us any commission.

  • 2. The cart must be empty before clicking on BestPrice.

    Before activating the Cashback on BestPrice, always check that the cart is empty. If there is already something in the cart from a previous session, empty it. Some shops have strict attribution rules and in cases like this they may not pay us our commission and we will not be able to pay you your Cashback.

  • 3. You must never abandon the window opened by BestPrice.

    After activating the Cashback on BestPrice, you must never abandon the AliExpress window that opened following the click on BestPrice. If you move to another previously opened AliExpress window or open another one by clicking on another site or on an email, our cookies may be compromised and AliExpress will not pay us.

  • 4. The purchase must be completed online without modifications.

    The purchase on AliExpress must be completed entirely online. If during the purchase session an alternative channel is also offered to you, for example a phone call by an operator, avoid it, just as you must avoid any change to the initial order.

  • 5. Everything works thanks to cookies

    Cookies play a fundamental role in making the system work. Allowing AliExpress to give us the credit of the purchase, you must therefore accept all cookies and not limit them in any way, either with your browser, or with an ad blocker or other software for ad blocking. Check your status.

  • If you're sure you've done everything right and after 72 hours you don't see any Cashback from AliExpress, report it on BestPrice immediately. We too only earn when we can give a Cashback, so we'll do everything we can to get what's ours.